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The From the 28th to the 30th of April a small group of friends who were in Kathmandu during the first Earthquake on the 25th April, 2015 came up with an idea to get food, medical aid and shelter directly to regions that were the furthest away from Kathmandu, the hardest hit and the ones most likely to take the longest for large aid agencies and government assistance to reach.


IMG_20150512_112000Worried about how long it was taking for authorities to deliver aid to people outside of Kathmandu, the group formed a project creating a small independent aid and medical team to reach into some of the most remote and least accessible regions of the Sindulphulchowk District – with a focus on the Helambu VDC.


The initial deployment consisted of 13 people which included Nepalese doctors, trekking guides, cooking staff, drivers and a mixture of international and Nepali volunteers. The team has reached about 50 people across a broad spectrum of abilities and experience who are contributing in some capacity.  We are all volunteering our time.

Ethics – Motivation

IMG_3614We are not a business, we are not a registered NGO – we are a group of passionate, experienced people who have lived and worked in Nepal for many years.  We all share a common love of Nepal, its People and Environment.  With a broad range of skills and the ability to draw on other like minded and experienced people we came to work together at a time when it was needed most

We have reached villages with medical teams, medical supplies, shelters and food where government and registered not-for-profit organisations have not as yet been able to do so. We’ve had great help from our Nepalese networks and Nepali team members who have worked hard to provide local support and advice to our project.

The funds we have received have gone directly to funding aid and medical needs as well as transportation costs to get everything to Timbu, other nearby areas and supporting our team in the field.

We are continuing to raise funds and manage projects on the ground.

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