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1. Donating

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Without adequate shelter the people in the effected regions of Nepal will suffer greatly.  The need RIGHT NOW for effective monsoon shelter, temporary schools, toilets and medical aid stations is incredible.  For the near term you should consider donating to groups (like ours) that are acting NOW.

In the long term larger NGO’s will be better able to help with rebuilding efforts.  Please visit our PROJECTS PAGE to see what we are currently working on.


Our pledge is that funds donated to us go directly to help the people of Nepal.  Goods are bought locally to help stimulate the economy, all of our western and most of our Nepali staff are volunteers and we do not spend donated money on international flights, wages or other administrative overheads. In the field, the volunteers, western and Nepali are supported with food and shelter.

2. Volunteering

IMG_20150511_090149So you want to come to Nepal and help as a volunteer? Volunteering your time is a great way to help out Nepal at this time of need.  However you do need to consider carefully if you are ready to do this and your motivation for coming.

Volunteering in a natural disaster zone is NOT like working as a volunteer in a normal situation; you could be exposed to disease, unsafe water supplies, landslide and there is always the risk of another large earthquake. You would be placing yourself in demanding situations and in turn have demands placed upon you by the environment, the people you are trying to help and emotional demands that you place on yourself.

Volunteering is also about having the right skills and experience to be able to fill the current needs of the people of Nepal without placing any extra stress or burden on the aid system.  Unless you have the rights skills or experience perhaps the best way to help is achieved by staying put and donating the money that you would have spent on an airfare to Nepal.

At present we are reducing our presence on the ground as the Monsoon approaches but we are aiming to establish Mobile Medical Camps in the post monsoon months of September and October.

So you do want to help?  We are looking for individuals who can fund their own travel, accommodation and food costs and have some of the following skills or experience (not all needed but a mixture of any would help).

  • Extensive experience being in Nepal
  • Administration and good computer skills
  • Medically trained
  • Expedition leaders
  • Builders or carpenters
  • Ex – Military
  • Engineers

Please get in touch with us via our FACEBOOK page using messenger or similar.  It may take sometime for a response.

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