Solar Installations

Sustainable Power

Allowing remote communiites to become self sufficient in relation to power is a critical comminutiy resource.  Typically this has been done largely with the constructuion of mini-hydro systems.  However for many places this is just not possible due to the costs involved or not being near a reliable source of flowing water.

We have fociused again on helping students and for the larger solar panel installations we will be primarily aiming to supply solar systems for powering student Dormitory's

Large Projects

Timbu School Dormitory

The local community in conjucntion with HELP is building a new dormitory for th female students to stay in.  Domritorys are needed as it often take s students 2- 3 hours to walk t school and back each day.  For many students this is almost impossible and drastically effects their ability to attend school.

The Timbu Dormitory will house up to 40 girls at a time and the solar system is intended to power all their lighting and recharging needs.

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Small Projects

photo 3 Small individual solar panels –

  • 10 Watt Panel
  • 3 x 3watt led light bulbs
  • 2 x USB Charging Ports
  • Radio
  • Plug and Play  – no wiring needed.
  • Cost 7500 NPR

Being able to give a student the ability to study at home is a huge step up.  Many students are living away from their families and have to work to pay for their study, accomodation and at times their power as well (which may not even be on during the evening).

Where and when we see the need, we are able to supply these unit to individuals or a group of students where needed.

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Oman Thapa




Solar Installations

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