School Rebuilding

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What is left of a room at the Timbu school

What is left of the assembly room at the Timbu school

What is left of the assembly room at the Timbu school[/caption]

There is now an urgent need to get schools rebuilt.  The process is in place for schools to get  rebuilt and earthquake resistant designs have been appproved.  However FUNDING these projects is always costly

We will work with our partner organisations and local groups on the ground in Nepal employing locals and international experts to plan, design and complete the building works.

The primary organisation we will be working with for the Helambu region is the Helambu Educational and Livelihood Partnership (HELP)


Rebuilding Process

The actual process of rebuilding is more complicated than just arriving at a village and telling them what is going to be built – the rebuilding process is a balance between what the villagers need, what the Govt allows to be built and what can is able to be funded.



Sadatra school

Example of School rebuild Project

Example of School Rebuild Project[/caption]

With the help of one particular Australian Family Foundation  and HELP we have a small primary school in Dapchung, Sindulphulchowk District starting construction NOW. 

We are planning on getting this completed before the monsoon.






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