Crisis Response 2015

Boots on the Ground

Ground Aid – Timbu

*Initial Phase Complete* – Cost $20,000 NZD

Timbu Distribution Centre

Timbu Distribution Centre

Timbu Distribution Centre[/caption]

We spent 2 1/2 weeks based on the ground in Timbu which is the last point of road access into the Helambu Village District Committee (VDC) area.  We were able to establish a daily supply of aid materials to the region and aid was distributed out to the various villages.

During this time we were able to distribute 12 tonnes of food including rice, dhal, sugar, tea, salt, oil and potatoes.  We distributed 1300 packs of sanitary pads, over a thousand toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes and other sanitary items such as soap and hand sanitiser.  We also distributed more than 100 cooking pots along with spoons and ladles and other cooking equipment.

Our specific aim for this project was to deliver aid to remote villages who had not received aid from Government or NGO's.  Apart from food, tarpaulins and sanitation products we were also able to deliver building tools and materials for long term rebuilding and resource recovery.

Some locals walked up to 8 hours to reach our distribution and every person went away with a load of food, clothing or other aid. We worked closely with the village leaders to ensure an even and equitable distribution of aid.

Ground operations in Timbu ceased after the 18th of May as it became to dangerous to have a team in place due to increasing landslide activity, storms and road blockages.  We continue to work the the locals on the ground and other groups  such as the Helambu Education and Liveliehood Partnership (HELP) and the Hillary Relief Collective to provide targeted relief to the Helambu and Solu Khumbu areas affected by the earthquake.

Medical Aid – Timbu

*Medical Operations Complete* – Cost $28,000 NZD

Dr Saughat and Shalin Shah

Dr Saughat and Shalin Shah

Dr Saughat and Shalin Shah[/caption]

All of the health posts in the Helambu VDC were completely destroyed by the 25th April earthquake leaving more than 3,000 people without adequate medical support.  We are so proud of the work that was done by our health post and field medical teams in Helambu.  We know that at least 3 of the patients would have died without the treatment that was provided and many more would have been left with serious injuries that could have affected their lives significantly.

All of our doctors, nurses and health workers volunteered their time to treat patients who would not have received treatment otherwise.  We kept a first aid post open every day and also sent teams into the field to find and treat patients. Our medical team came from all over the world including Nepal, Brazil, United Kingdom, USA and Norway.

Temporary Metal Shelter (TMS) Project

Operations Complete – $30,000 NZD spent to date*

With the monsoon coming soon to Nepal, finding solutions for temporary shelter that can withstand torrential rain has become a critical issue.  Working from existing designs a team of Students from Tribhuvan University Engineering Department, designed a simple Temporary Metal Shelter.  The structure, which can be erected in just  a few hours is made from sheets of 12ft corruaged iron, metal rods that are nailed into the ground and metal hoops that go over the rods to form a strong structure.  Doors, windows and insulation can be added afterwards.  Click here to see some great examples.

Timbu- Complete

The first TMS in Timbu

The first TMS in Timbu

The first TMS in Timbu[/caption]

Materials for 20 Temporary Metal Structures were delivered to Timbu in late may for use as a temporary school.  Locals were trained on how to erect the structures.  14 structures will be made into 7 classrooms and the remaining 6 will be used to house teachers and provide a location for a Medical Aid Station.
800 Corrugated Iron Sheets and Building Materials – Student accommodation is required in Timbu.  Normally 100 students have been housed in Timbu as the school there provides education to over 250 students. Some of these students must walk for up to 4 hours to attend school

Kutamsang – Complete

vibs 1

Happy nurses in their new health post

Happy nurses in their new health post[/caption]

Materials for 20 TMS were delivered to the Kutamsang region in early June.  These will be used to provide school rooms and teacher accommodation across 3 separate towns.  Importantly also one of the structures will be used to serve as a Health Post for the area.  Prior to receiving the TMS 2 nurses were operating from under a tarpaulin after the health post was completely destroyed during the earthquake.






Solar Installations

School Rebuilding

Remote Communities – Gorilla Aid

Crisis Response 2015