snippet for info cardThe Earthquake in Nepal on the 25th of April 2015 caused widespread damage across the country. Whilst Kathmandu itself was not significantly damaged, the districts behind were extensively effected.

Rebuilding is slow – there are many complication here in Nepal.  At present what can be re-constructed with reasonable ease are SCHOOLS, AID STATIONS, SCHOOL DORMITORYS, AND TOILET BLOCKS.

Please consider helping by donating to this fund. Funds donated will go directly to the Nepalese communities and other families effected groups in the Sindulphulchowk district.

Initial aid was in the form of shelter, medicines, food and water as required. We moved onto delivering rebuilding materials and tools.

We are now focused on helping in country NGO’s with specific projects – mainly focusing on School Rebuilding and other projects to assist schools and students.

HELP-logonewWe are very proud to announce that we are specifically working with HELP – The Helambu Educational and livelihood Partnership.

Please consider donating – visit our donations page